LA Rams Update, Goff Ready For The Job!

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On Friday, Los Angeles Rams held their first Rookie mini-camp of the season. Of the 20 or more rookies on display, the talk of the town was none other than 1st Round Draft pick, Jared Goff who spoke to Inglewood Today after practice.


(On how the first day went)

“Great. Great to get back out on the field and meet all my new teammates and get a chance to get back to actually playing football. It was nice again. Kind of get that feeling back. It was good.”


(On if today was confusing at all from a terminology standpoint)

“No. I had to learn everything the last week or so. Just getting adjusted to it and I feel really good about it. I had a really good first day.”


(On the newness of the terminology and what the adjustments are like)

“The way they say it, and they’re absolutely right, it’s almost like you’re learning a different language. It’s from any system you come from in college – it doesn’t really matter. It’s like you’re going into Spanish class and you have to become fluent in Spanish over however long the time is. That’s kind of what it is. There’s a lot of stuff that translates that I understand that’s just a different word. There’s a lot of stuff that I am learning. But today, it went really well. I felt like I picked it up as the day went on and got better.”


(On how he would describe the emotion of participating in his first practice as an NFL player)

“It’s cool. It hadn’t really hit me until you said that. It’s awesome. Again, it’s just a lot of fun to get back out here with the guys and be able to kind of enjoy football again, and get out of the whole pre-draft process and be able to actually play again. It’s nice.”


(On if he considers himself fluent or conversational in the new terminology at this point)

“I’m just learning it right now. I’m just picking it up as I go. I feel like I’m picking it up pretty quickly for what I’ve done. I’m trying to pick it up as quickly as I can. The way they’re teaching it, they’re making it easy for me.”


(On what the rookie orientation has entailed thus far)

“We’ve really just had meetings all day up until now. Just had meetings and met with player development. Just learning stuff and trying to get acclimated with the professional lifestyle. But again, I think it was nice to get out here and run around, get to sweat a little bit, throw the ball around; play catch.”


(On if he feels like a lot of the stuff he was doing at Cal translates to the pros)

“Yes, there is a lot that translates. Most of the gun stuff translates – almost all of it. When there’s under center stuff, I’m picking it up as we go and it’s gone really well so far.”


(On how he knows that he’s ready for the media attention that the LA market brings and football at the same time)

“I’m just going to go out here and play. I’m not going to worry about all of this because this doesn’t really matter that much. I’m just going to get better every day and continue to try to be the best player and teammate I can be. And let all of you guys come here every day and film me, and just enjoy it.”


(On how hard it is as a player to kind of dial it back as they adjust to the pace of a professional practice)

“It was almost half speed today. It’s kind of hard for me and the receivers because we’re on different timing stuff, but it’s fine. To prevent injury, it’s worth it. I thought everybody looked pretty good today. You can’t really tell until you watch it on film, but I felt good in what I did and from what I saw on the field – it looked pretty good.”


(On how he handled getting all of the quarterback reps at practice today)

“I think it’s nice to get all of them. Right now it’s nice to kind of get as many as you can to get used to it.”


(On if he looks to start inserting himself as a leader on a day like today)

“Sure. You want to just be the guy you are and the person you are and be the leader of my rookie class, per se. Again, just work as hard as I can and make every buy in and be a good teammate and be the best player I can be.”


(On how the reception has been from the veteran players)

“Great. I haven’t met too many of them. We haven’t been mixed up with them yet. I met a few and it’s been great. I got a bunch of texts from a bunch guys – that’s been really cool. I’m excited to finally work with them, eventually.”



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