Hilary Clinton: She's Running, She's Running Not

Thursday, September 25, 2014 Written by 
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Hilary Clinton wants to be president.  That’s obvious.  So, why doesn’t she say so?


 She and husband Bill Clinton were in Iowa Sept. 14 for a steak fry hosted by retiring Iowa Senator Tom Harkin. But anyone who follows politics knows that’s where folks go when they’re seriously considering the presidency.  But okay, we’ll let her have her fun.


“Well, it is true, I am thinking about it,” she told a crowd in Des Moines.  “But, for today, that is not why I am here.  I’m here for the steak.”


The event which attracted scores of Hilary supporters also drew “Ready for Warren” folks.  Seems there are some who think Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren could give Hilary a run for her money.  Some think the former First Lady and Secretary of State is too mainstream of a Democrat.  They want someone more liberal.  Someone like Warren.  Others want the women to team up and run together. 


There are more than 2 years to go before the 2016 General Election, but it’s never too soon for Hilary to get out ahead of her opponents.  And why shouldn’t she? Polls indicate there is a lot of love left for the woman who almost became the “second” President Clinton in 2008. 


It has taken Hilary 7 years (and a whole lot of swallowing pride) to return to Iowa after being defeated there by then-candidates Barack Obama and John Edwards. Yet, she has done it with the same strength she used to endorse Obama at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.  If she’s anything, she is a team player.


For all her toughness, though, Hilary cannot resist playing a round of cat and mouse. Like Michelle Obama said, “Politics is a sport.”


A frustrated Joe Scarsborough (who likes Hilary, but not her game-playing) said in a 4-minute rant Monday on MSNBCs “Morning Joe,” 


“This is why Americans hate politics.  You want people to ask you to run for president, so you say ‘we’re not running for president’...You’re either running or you’re not running.  There are enough things going on in the world right now—enough crisis—that maybe we need a politician who doesn’t just sit back and act like a robot. She’s playing it safe, writing a book, doing absolutely nothing…telling us absolutely nothing, going to Iowa and just begging people to beg her to run for President of the United States or not, while people are getting their heads carved off.


 “This is not a game!  Hilary, I don’t want to see you eating steak, I want to see you talk about how we’re going to solve ISIS.”


Joe also had a few choice words for Jeb Bush, whom he said plays the same silly game:


“Jeb, if you’re going to run, run and if you’re not going to run, just tell us that you want people to talk about you so you can make more money giving speeches, or having people pay attention to you…If you’re the savior of the Republican party, then get out there.  Or listen to your mom and just stay home.”


 Couldn’t have said it better myself.   


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