Understanding Trump’s Obama Obsession

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By Veronica Mackey


As the presidency of Donald Trump plays out daily, it’s evident that he’s on a mission to destroy and dismantle everything President Barack Obama has done.  The latest efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare is just one of many attempts to erase Obama’s legacy.  


It has gotten to the point that it doesn’t even matter if Trump’s efforts hurt him or his party.  If Obama is for it, then he must be against it.  Take climate control, for example.  When Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accord, it weakened efforts to fight global warming.  Does he actually think he doesn’t breathe the same air as everyone else?  Global warming is a threat to everyone. But, this is the same man who called global warming a Chinese hoax. . .


There is no doubt that the mask of racism has been pulled off since Number 45 moved into the White House.  Trump’s dog whistles to his base—from his ban on Muslims, to that “beautiful” wall he said he’d build along the U.S. Southern border, to blatantly dismissing any concerns by the Congressional Black Caucus—have given White Supremacists a big thumbs up, that it’s okay now to come out of hiding.


A scathing piece in the Daily Kos (DailyKos.com) by Denise Oliver Velez, dated July 23, 2017, examines Trump’s obsession with tearing down Obama, a condition she calls  “Obama Derangement Syndrome” or ODS.  She cautions that the malady applies to any black person who dares to be excellent at anything. 


Here are excerpts from Velez’s article, “Trump's Obama Derangement Syndrome isn't really about Obama,” one of the best explanations for Trump’s obsession that I have ever read: 


“Full-blown Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS), seen in the spew and spittle mouthed by the insecure and egomaniacal occupant of the White House, is not simply a Trumpian affliction. We watched Republicans dig in to subvert and block “the black guy” from the moment he took office. Joe Wilson’s “you lie” hurled at President Obama during a joint session of Congress, ditching decades of decorum, was more than a dog whistle: It was a signal to a significant number of Americans that a black man in the “white” house would not be accepted. That’s ironic given that this nation is now headed to hell in a hand basket, led by the most lying liar in our history.


ODS continued to play out during Obama’s presidential years, culminating in the blocking of Merrick Garland as a Supreme Court nominee. No longer in office, President Obama is now Trump’s excuse for whatever ills he and his crime-klan have brought upon themselves.


But frankly, it has less to do with Barack Obama himself (or his wife) than it does with what I’d call “uppity negro-itis." Had any other black person, male or female, been elected to the most powerful position in the world, their fate would have been the same.


Barack Obama is simply the most visible global symbol of black achievement, and from the point of view of those who hold onto white supremacist thinking, all black achievement must be stifled, smashed, trashed, and vilified.


Don’t buy the “economic anxiety” argument you read about daily in newspapers and hear about from pundits and bloggers. That just masks the deep-rooted fear and loathing of all things black that don’t stay where they are supposed to be. 


Trump and others in power know very well how to throw red meat to the salivating masses stewing in racial resentment. Sure, they have black people they embrace—“white seal of approval blacks” who know their place, the Clarence Thomases and Ben Carsons. Those black folks who dare to proudly be who they are become instant targets. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is a recent example of the “blame-a-black” syndrome which is still being played out for all of us to see.


A cautionary note: Help stop the crap. As we gather our forces to head into the 2018 midterms and to the 2020 elections, pay attention to the “Obama-ing” of up-and-coming prospective Democratic candidates. Case in point is California Sen. Kamala Harris, who is being smeared by both extremes. 


In today’s world of politics and multiple media platforms, one thing has been made perfectly clear to those of us who support them:


Barack Obama is uppity.


Michelle Obama is uppity.


Eric Holder is uppity.


Maxine Waters is uppity.


John Lewis is uppity.


Loretta Lynch is uppity.


Kamala Harris is uppity.


Hell, Frederick Douglass—who the orange know-nothing in the White House thought was still among the living—was uppity.


So it’s not that Trump and company are simply deranged by Barack Hussein Obama. They are actually driven mad and made to froth by black superiority disproving their notions of black inferiority.


Even some “liberal” commentators fall into the type of patronizing and dismissive critiques of prominent black folks that are not applied to white folks of equal stature. But I look forward to supporting a whole new crop of up-and-coming, uppity young black folks, along with other young people of color.


And if I’m lucky, I may live long enough to see another one in the White House.”




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