Maxine Waters Takes On Hecklers in Inglewood

Thursday, May 18, 2017 Written by 
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By Veronica Mackey


A small group of Trump supporters tested the mettle of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Inglewood) last Saturday and got run out of the building.  The fiery, 78 year-old Congresswoman, whom Millennials refer to as “Auntie Maxine, ” shut down the hecklers while simultaneously informing constituents about serious issues facing lawmakers in Washington.


Foes and supporters piled into the Inglewood High School auditorium for a town hall meeting held at Inglewood High School, 231 S. Grevillea Avenue.  Among them were folks carrying racist posters and signs that read “Impeach Maxine Waters.”  Beloved by most in her 43rd  District, Waters supporters cheered loudly every time she was interrupted by a Trump supporter.  She had plenty of back up, but did fine by herself shutting down disrupters who apparently did not know where they were.


"For those who thought they could come here and interrupt, they're in Inglewood.  They can't do that in Inglewood,” Waters said as police rushed in to escort a Trump supporter out of the building. 


Not one to mince words, Waters has been quite vocal about her dislike and lack of respect for the 45th president.  When asked if she was going to attend his inauguration in January, she said, “I wouldn’t waste my time.”  During the Tax March in Washington, Waters vowed to “fight every day until Trump is impeached.”


Conversely, Trump supporters called for Waters’ impeachment, with signs posted around the high school, which were quickly taken down.  Police removed several Trump supporters from the auditorium both before and during the meeting.


The budding love affair between Waters and her Millennial fans developed recently, beginning with her protest of Trump’s inauguration.  Young folks respect her toughness and willingness to stand up to those in power.  Water’s quotes are often re-tweeted, and she has been the subject of recent interviews that target younger audiences like Teen Vogue, Jet, Elle, and millennial-focused news sites like Mic and BuzzFeed.


She said in an interview:  “It’s unusual for elected officials to step outside of the box  … “The Millennials keep telling me for the most part they’ve never heard someone talk like that before.” 


As the longest-serving black woman in the House, Waters has achieved icon-level status as the “go-to” person whenever injustice—particularly racial injustice—occurs.  Her advocacy work continues to inspire a whole new generation today.“


“Donald Trump, I’m coming for you!” Waters shouted. “In this business you expect there are people who disagree with you or even hate you. I put everything on the line, I’m going for it [because] I cannot suffer him. I’m so offended by him and the way he’s conducted himself, the way he disrespects people and to add insult to injury, he doesn’t respect the government, he doesn’t know anything about it.” 


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