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The next Iron Man will actually be a black woman. Robert Downey Jr. tweeted his support for the new Iron Man. He said, get ready for a new generation of Marvel.


Over the past few years, Marvel comics have become more diverse. There has been a Muslim Ms. Marvel, an Asian Hulk and a biracial Spider-Man.


Writers still need to figure out what the new Iron Man’s superhero name will be. But her real name is Riri Williams. She is a 15-year old girl who built her own Iron suit in her dorm at MIT.


Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis was inspired to create the Williams' Iron Man character when he was working in Chicago. There was an idea for a show about a girl who grew up in a rough neighborhood. She faced many hardships that could have easily ended her life. Luckily, she was able to go to college and pursue her education.


The show didn’t air but, Bendis wanted to create Williams. He said, she is the modern version of what a superhero or superheroine looks like.


Writers are currently merging three storylines together. Tony Stark is facing many hardships himself. His best friend died, his company is falling apart, and he is in the process of finding out who his real parents are.


Stark is the type of character who avoids conflict, so it’s hard for him to cope with everything going on. One way he tries to distract himself is by working with the Avengers.


Stark also hears that Ms. Williams is  flying around in an uncompleted iron suit. So he tracks her down to see what she’s up to. Stark is intrigued by her intellect. She is only 15-years old and has accomplished so much. Williams also has a different view on things, which gives her iron suit a unique touch.


All of these events create the path for Williams to take Stark’s place. Writers say fans are going to have to wait for the end of the comic, Civil War II and see how that will play out. The comic will be released this Fall.


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