U.N. Unanimously Approves Anti-Terrorism Resolution

Thursday, September 25, 2014 Written by 
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United Nations Security Council members on Wednesday unanimously approved a resolution to address the growing threat of terrorism..


Speaking to the Council, President Barack Obama thanked the Council for its support, but urged them to translate their words into action.


"Resolutions alone will not be enough, promises on paper cannot keep us safe, lofty rhetoric and good intentions will not stop a single terrorist attack," Obama said.


Facing what is the most serious military threat to his presidency, Obama urged US allies, notably the UK, Germany and France to step up their efforts in the fight.  Videos of recent public executions of Western civilians by Islamic terrorists in the Middle East have sent shock waves around the world and created a heightened demand for military action.


“In the nearly 70 years of the United Nations, this is only the sixth time that the Security Council has met at a level like this.  We convene such sessions to address the most urgent threats to peace and security.  And I called this meeting because we must come together -- as nations and an international community -- to confront the real and growing threat of foreign terrorist fighters.”


ISIS has videotaped the executions of 2 American journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff.  A video of Sunni Jihadist beheading British aid worker David Haines was uploaded on Sept. 13. 


“Today (Sept. 24), the people of the world have been horrified by another brutal murder, of Herve Gourdel, by terrorists in Algeria.  President Hollande, we stand with you and the French people not only as you grieve this terrible loss, but as you show resolve against terror and in defense of liberty,” Obama said.


A militant group in the Philippines, Abu Sayyaf, has announced that it is holding two German citizens and has threatened to kill them if Germany does not back out of the intervention in Syria, according to the New York Times.


Obama has criticized for admitting he did not yet have a strategy for attacking ISIS.  When he announced on Sept. 10 that the U.S. would launch air strikes, he was criticized for saying too much.  There is a growing division within U.S. military intelligence agencies over whether the use of military aircraft is enough.   


Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates says that President Obama will have to send in U.S. troops to fight the Islamic militant group:


"The reality is, they're not gonna be able to be successful against ISIS strictly from the air, or strictly depending on the Iraqi forces, or the Peshmerga, or the Sunni tribes acting on their own," Gates said.


ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has challenged Obama to a street fight with troops on the ground. 


U.S. intelligence agencies estimate that more than 15,000 foreign fighters from more than 80 nations have traveled to Syria in recent years.  Many have joined terrorist organizations such as al Qaeda’s affiliate, the Nusrah Front, and ISIL, which now threatens people across Syria and Iraq, Obama said.


The main conflict zones include Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Iraq.


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