Michael-Sandlin Investigation Results Delayed Until May

Thursday, March 23, 2017 Written by 
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By Veronica Mackey


On Tuesday, a public hearing was held to consider appealing the Inglewood Planning Commission’s denial of a special use permit to allow a beauty salon with 300 feet of a similar use at 10800 S. Prairie Avenue. 


Miguel Tellez applied for a permit for a barber shop which specializes in children’s haircuts.  The proposed shop would be located within a two-story shopping center which includes a car wash, gas station and AM/PM store.  It would occupy the space about AM/PM. There are two other salons in close proximity to the proposed barber shop—Diva’s Salon and Capital Nails.


A City staff person reiterated the conditions required to obtain a permit, and also said access to the second story of the building is unsafe.


The building’s owner said the proposed tenant “is very suitable to my space that is available” and “Access is all legal, it has proper exits. If they said the balcony was unsafe, we will make it safe.”  


A mother wants the shop to operate.  “It’s going to be a hair salon for just kids,” she said.  “There’s nothing for kids around here.  It will make it more pleasant and kids will be entertained while they wait. I’m for it.”


“I think you have too many beauty shops and nail shops.  I’m against it,” Willie  Agee said.   


Councilman Ralph Franklin toured the site of the proposed barber shop.


“I went there. There is a balcony facing Yukon and … you have to go up the stairway and zigzag.  The children using the salon would be between 2-12.  If you are not watching them, all it takes is a second for them to fall off the balcony and for them to get hurt.”  


Franklin’s second point is that Diva’s Salon, located within 300 feet of the proposed barber shop, is already providing haircuts for children as well as men.   “I don’t support the vision of the applicant, but I clearly support the vision of the planning commission,” he said.


Councilman Eloy Morales said, “I think it’s a great idea, but the fact that it exists for children doesn’t mean it’s not for adults.”  The appeal was denied.


Last week, several residents showed up demanding answers in the investigation involving the shooting deaths of Marquintan Sandlin and Kisha Michael by Inglewood police over a year ago.  At one point, tempers flared and conversations became heated.  Mayor James Butts and council members walked out and the meeting was adjourned.  


Sandlin and Michael supporters were back on Tuesday, hoping to hear results of the investigation, which was previously expected to be released this week.  However, Mayor Butts announced, there has been a delay.   Police say the investigation will be extended at least to the first or second week of May.


Before he opened the meeting for public comments, the mayor set a few ground rules: “If the meeting gets out of order, if there is clapping, whistling, or talking over people, I will recess the meeting.”


“Your city is not happy with what happened to these people.  Shame on you,” a woman told the mayor.  “You say we’re out of order, but this is entirely and completely out of order.”  


Everyone who came to the podium about the shooting spoke for a few seconds and used the remainder of the one-minute time allowed silently holding photos of each victim.  


“We come to support the family that continues to ask for answers.  We’re concerned about how the meeting was adjourned last week. We’re asking attorneys whether you followed the Brown Act.  You can’t just walk out on the public because you don’t want to hear what they say,” a woman said.


 “We’re not asking you for money, we’re just asking you to stop killing us,” a woman said.  She continued speaking after being told by Mayor Butts that her time had expired, shouted expletives and resisted attempts by the sergeant-at-arms to remove her from the podium.  “I’ll keep coming every Tuesday,” she said.  


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