Inglewood Barbers Honored for Helping Boys Read

Thursday, January 26, 2017 Written by 
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By Veronica Mackey


On Tuesday, Mayor James Butts and Inglewood Councilmen Alex Padilla and Ralph Franklin presented a commendation to Books, Boys and Barbers, an outreach program that encourages boys to read.  Local barbershop owners teamed with the Inglewood Public Library to provide books for boys to read, or have adults read to them, while waiting for a haircut.


A member of Motivated Men, a mentoring group involved in the program, thanked the barbers, Inglewood Council members and the Inglewood Public Library for making Books, Boys and Barbers possible.


“I just want to say how much I appreciate these barbers,” said Parks and Recreation Commissioner Willie Agee. 


There were hardly any comments from the public—with the exception of a commonly heard complaint that council meetings should be held in the evening instead of during the day.


Mayor Butts surveyed long time resident Ray Davis about the matter.  “Do you think day meetings make a difference in terms of the progress of the city?”


“At night more people may want to come,” Davis said.  “But basically the people will make you bend to their will.”  He told the mayor if enough people were that concerned about meeting times, they would show up in numbers and make their voices heard.  


The Inglewood City Council approved:


•Two professional services agreements for building safety plan checks in the amount of $100,000 each;


•A resolution amending the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Budget transferring Community Development Block Grant funds in the amount of $55,076.94 from the contract services to the salaries budgetary line item for the Senior Nutrition Program; 


•Acceptance of the State Citizens Option for Public Safety grant funds in the amount of $179,644; 


•Re-appropriating unused Urban Areas Security Initiative grant funds from Fiscal Year 2015-2016 to Fiscal Year 2016-2017 in the amount of $165,000;


•A blanket purchase order to supply and deliver liquid chlorine to the City of Inglewood Sanford T. Anderson Water Treatment Plant in the amount of $80,000; 


•A blanket purchase order for the supply and delivery of liquid ammonia to the City of Inglewood Sanford T. Anderson Water Treatment Plant in the amount of $14,240;


•A contract award to Select Electric, Inc. in the amount of $1,399,941 plus a 10% project contingency in the amount of $139,994 for a total project construction allotment of $1,539,935; 

The City Manager’s Office got the green light to submit the Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS) 2017-2018 (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018) to the Oversight Board for approval consideration, and administrative allowance of the City of Inglewood as Successor Agency to the former Inglewood Redevelopment Agency for the ROPS 17-18 period.


Two ordinances were introduced.  The first, from the City Attorney’s Office, recommends repealing Chapter 5 (Offenses, Miscellaneous), Article 8 (Sexual Offender Residency Restrictions) of the Inglewood Municipal Code to conform to recent court decisions. 


The second ordinance, from Economic And Community Development, recommends adopting a categorical exemption and approving a zoning code amendment to allow for more flexibility and variety in physical development within the City of Inglewood.


City Treasurer Wanda Brown gave another favorable report on rising home values in Inglewood.  A resident bought a fixer upper for $400,000, she said, then sold it for $695 two weeks ago.


Councilman Alex Padilla thanked Parks, Recreation and Library Services Director Sabrina Barnes and the community “for celebrating Martin Luther King Day and what he stands for.”  He added:  “I also want to welcome the Chargers to Inglewood.  Inglewood continues to stay on the map for all the right reasons.”


Councilman Ralph Franklin noted: “In all my years on the council, this was the best MLK celebration…Steve Wonder entertained us with 2 songs at the church.  Then he marched with us from the church to the Forum and then performed 2 songs there as well.”


“This is the second time Stevie Wonder attended.  He walked the 2.4 miles from Faithful Central Bible Church to the Forum,” Butts said.


“We are also proud of the press conference we had with the Chargers, and they got to know our residents on a personal level … and they were stunned at how much we were ready to embrace them.”


Butts closed the meeting with a touching story from the MLK ecunemical service from a young orator.  In his speech, a 6 year-old boy talked about how everyone wants to be number one in something.  “He said he wanted to be number one in love and service.  This boy is something else.  He’s going to be president one day,” Butts said.  It is a goal for which more adults should strive.


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