Meeting Time Not Likely to Change

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Meeting Time Not Likely to Change


By Veronica Mackey


Tuesday’s council agenda was light, and with the exception of comments regarding day vs. night meetings, there was not a lot of input from residents.


The council voted in favor of the following:

•Adoption of a resolution establishing the process for issuing per 

      diem and auto mileage allowance for City employees


•Amending the Conflict of Interest Code for the City of Inglewood in accordance with Government Code §81000


•A one-year agreement with MGT of America Consulting, LLC to perform an updated cost allocation plan in the amount of $49,500 


•Payment of invoices submitted for electrical and lighting repairs related to the Edward Vincent Park, Jr., artificial turf improvement project in the amount of $19,506.72


A public hearing was held on amending the City of Inglewood Master Fee Schedule to reflect changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the Los Angeles Region – All Urban Consumers for the period of June 2015 through June 2016.  The City is increasing fees it charges for work done on a fee basis by 1.80% to match the consumer price index.  The increase will allow more money to be returned to the General Fund.  


A public hearing was set for October 18 at 2pm.  The council will receive public comments regarding:


•Adoption of the Downtown Inglewood and Fairview Heights Transit Oriented Development Plan, including Zone Change ZC-2016-01 to adopt Transit Oriented Zones 


•Adoption of Zoning Code Amendment ZCA-2016-02 to incorporate development standards for the new zones


•Approval of General Plan Amendment GPA-2016-01 to bring the General Plan into conformance with the Zoning Code  


•Approval of associated Transit Oriented Zone Design Guidelines. 


A couple of residents requested that staff reports be provided on certain agenda items.  


“It’s not enough to say it’s on the Internet.  Not everyone has access to the Internet,” one man said.


An initiative by Councilman Ralph Franklin was passed for City sponsorship of the 12th Annual 2016 District 4 Christmas Toy and Food Drive Celebration. 


The council presented an impressive plaque to Willie Agee, Inglewood Parks and Recreation Commissioner, for whom the Edward Vincent Park Playhouse was recently renamed. The Willie Agee Playhouse was renovated and re-opened in June.  The plaque made of bronze, bore a striking image of Agee.   


Councilman George Dotson thanked Assembly member Autumn Burke for inviting him to speak at the Black Business Roundtable.  “I too attended the Black Business Roundtable,” Councilman Alex Padilla said.  “It’s great to see businesses talk about how they want to grow.” Padilla thanked Inglewood Police Lt. Jackie Lane for organizing the “Coffee With A Cop” event, which gave businesses and residents a chance to bond with local police, to discuss traffic and other issues.


Councilman Franklin mentioned the recent job fair organized by KJLH and The Wave radio stations.  “If you’re looking for jobs, you want to get them now.  In the next three to four years, we’ll be very busy, so you want to already have that training,” he said.


Councilman Eloy Morales praised the work of the Midnight Mission, a local nonprofit that cares for homeless and needy families in the community.


Some residents are still pushing for council meetings to move from 2pm back to 7pm.  They said day time meetings prevent many people from attending and giving their input. The meeting time changed about a year ago.  


“We had 7 o’clock meetings.  We got nothing done.  In fact, we went from 7pm to midnight. We came back and did it again.  We still got nothing done.  This mayor took the city in another direction, and it’s working.


Morales noted that day time meetings were held for about 14 years, and the attendance has always been issue-driven.  


Councilmen Dotson and Padilla reminded the public that the doors of City Hall are always open if anyone wants to have a meeting or find out what’s going on.  They can also visit the City’s website at or get on their councilman’s email list.  


 Mayor James Butts said progress is more important than the time that meetings are held.  He refuted the statement that afternoon meetings prevent the public from participating.  


“People work all shifts in this country,” he said.  “We have about 44 seats in this chamber.  About 19,000 people vote.  There’s no way they can fit into this chamber…”


“Two o’clock, seven o’clock.  It’s the results that matter.  I haven’t had one person say we need to go back to 7 o’clock.  They’re proud that their property values are going up.  They’re proud that we have national stature now.  The public determines what they want when they vote, and when they contact council members.  Time doesn’t make a difference.  Results make a difference.”  


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