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Rogers Park is weaved into the cultural fabric of Inglewood, as Rucker Park is to New York. Some of the most notable athletes in professional basketball can share stories of running up and down the gym floor during their formative years. Rogers has been a major inspiration for a lot of Inglewood alumni who never blessed the gym floor with their athleticism as well. One of whom is the founder of the highly popular Inglewood inspired apparel company, Reck Creations, Mr. Bobby Brimmer.


Like most Millennial entrepreneurs, Brimmer started with a catchy idea that repurposed something both iconic and bold, and that initial design led to a brand that is gaining international appeal by the day.


“I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur,” he said.


Strolling through Rogers Park watching the skaters, studying the mural and reflecting on the Rogers Park of the 90’s, Brimmer recalls stories of selling his first few batches of shirts out the trunk of his car for hours, in the parking lot. “I remember driving all the way out to Lancaster, just to get one T-Shirt to a customer. The shirt cost $20 and I probably spent that on gas just to get there, but it was about seeing people wearing my shirts. That’s all that mattered to me.”


Brimmer’s love for Inglewood, permeates through each design, as the city is juxtaposed against some of the greatest artists and moments in pop culture, from repurposing a Michael Jackson photograph, to his latest hit, his Inglewood vs. Everybody series, Brimmer’s catalogue is a fresh and unique expression that showcases an artist’s deep admiration for his hometown. “I love my city, I try to put on for my city wherever I go, because I feel like my city is just as good as anybody else’s,” Brimmer added.


That same love for Inglewood is now resonating around the world, as orders from the UK have began to trickle in as well as orders from throughout the US. “I got a call from a woman whose husband is in a band, and they’re from a town in Nashville, Tennessee, called Inglewood. She wanted to get a shirt for him.” That band just so happened to be preparing for a photo shoot for Rolling Stone Magazine, where Bobby eventually ended up seeing his creation.


To be from the soil of this community means you’re cut from a different cloth. A winner’s cloth of sorts. Seeing the Lakers win back-to-back championships in your own backyard is a completely different experience than cheering on from 10 cities over. “I went to Kelso, and I remember Byron Scott used to come across the street to talk to us. I grew up seeing championship celebrations at the Forum, so I always knew what was possible. It’s funny to watch something grow, to selling from your trunk, hand to hand, to see people wearing the shirts. I just want to represent my city in a positive light.”  




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