Progress Springs Up in Inglewood

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Tuesday’s meeting covered all aspects of a city in the midst of various stages of development: construction projects, grand openings, rising rents and home values.


An agreement was amended and another one was newly approved between the City and Pinner Construction Co. The first will amend a prior agreement to allow additional early work construction services in conjunction with the new senior center, to be located at 111 North Locust Street.  The second agreement will allow staging activity for construction of the new senior center at 140 N. Market Street and 150 N. Market Street. 


The Council agreed to deny claims for property damage and towing fees between September 9, 2015 and January 7, 2016.  Members also approved the purchase of the Tyler Cashiering Update from Tyler Technology. 


City Treasurer Wanda Brown reported that real estate sales in Inglewood continue to rise. “One home in District 1 sold for $631,000, and three others averaged $525,000,” she said.


A longtime resident came to advocate for assistance to Inglewood renters being impacted by the future NFL stadium.  “The reason I am here is I want to get a little advice.  Property owners are evicting long term tenants because they want to raise the rents, and Inglewood has no process in line to help tenants…I know owners have the right to do this, but I think it is unfair. Inglewood has nothing in place to help people who have been living here 20 or 30 years,” she said.


City Clerk Yvonne Horton announced that Election Day is June 7.  The last date to register is May 23.  You can register by calling the Clerk’s Office at (310) 412-5280 or go online at


The clerk is also holding an Easter raffle on March 23. Three prizes will be given away to those who come closest to guessing how many jelly beans there are in the jar in her office on the 1st Floor.  


 “I want to piggyback and lend support to what the city clerk said about voter registration,” said council meeting regular, Ray Davis. “There are a lot of people who live in Inglewood, and have lived here for years, but they are registered to vote in L.A.  If you are not registered to vote in Inglewood, you cannot vote on Inglewood issues and ballots.”  


Davis also said there is a different mood in Inglewood now, it’s more positive.


Councilman George Dotson thanked St. Mary’s Academy for inviting him to speak at the Career Day event.  “They had wonderful speakers from all sectors of employment, and alumni also came back to speak,” he said. St. Mary’s Academy is celebrating its 50th year anniversary in Inglewood.  The official anniversary celebration will take place on May 7. 


Wildwood Preparatory Academy’s recent fundraiser was a great success, Councilman Alex Padilla said. “It was very well attended. We should be proud to have such a charter school in Inglewood, and I am proud to have them in my district.” He also mentioned the grand opening of Super Suds at 1217 N. La Brea Ave.  Thirty people came out to support the opening.


Councilman Ralph Franklin urged everyone to be extra cautious in bad weather.  “We have experienced heavy rains and high winds.  If you have not prepared yourself, please do so,” he said. 


Councilman Eloy Morales thanked Beulah Payne Elementary School for inviting council members to read to the children last week.  


Mayor James Butts closed the meeting by reiterating comments about progress in Inglewood:  “I have to echo Mr. Davis about the way the (mood) in Inglewood has changed.  It extends beyond the city borders.  If I call Sacramento now and ask for the governor’s chief of staff, she gets out of a meeting and takes my call.” 



March is Women’s History Month.  Mayor Butts will be delivering his annual State of the City Address on April 21.  Stay tuned for details.    


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