George Dotson Unveils ‘New Inglewood’ Plans At Town Hall

Thursday, February 25, 2016 Written by 
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Over the weekend, Councilman George Dotson hosted a packed auditorium of residents and stakeholders for his District 1 Town Hall meeting held at Center of Hope Church.  


Eager to discover the latest developments happening throughout the community and surrounding areas, residents were briefed on developments happening on Century Blvd., the new LAX, rising home values, and how Inglewood has seen its 5th consecutive year of record-low crime. 


“One of the reasons why I hold my town hall meeting is for information. A lot of the folks in my district don’t have emails, so with the town hall meeting, they get a full overview of things going on, and they get the information directly from the stakeholder. And it’s so important that these meetings are well attended, because it’s so much information, that’s presented on a personal level.” 


Mayor James Butts kicked off the meeting with a “Past, Present and Future” themed presentation. In it, he compared what’s happening in Inglewood to a catch phrase from the latest iPhone 6 ad, in the fact that, “The only thing that’s changed, is everything.” 


“We have a new community center coming at Fairview and La Cienega. We have a senior center that will open in 2017, a new casino, and we’re in the midst of our 5th lowest year of crime in recorded history of this city. Crime is down another 1% in 2015 compared to 2014. Homicides are down 50%, and the chief and the men and women of the Inglewood Police department have done an outstanding job.” 


Councilman Dotson took time to introduce our newest additions to the Youth Commission, Jade Wheatley and Pedro Silva. “(They) will be representing us on the Youth Commission, they will be giving reports to the mayor and council, as to what they’d like to see done in the City of Inglewood for youth. I think it’s a great thing to have youth telling us what they want instead of us trying to tell them what they want!” 


Director of Parks, Recreation and Library Services, Sabrina Barnes discussed the new Senior Center. “We brought on a design build entity, Pinner Construction, who has worked with the Senior Center Advisory Committee and City staff, and our Project Coordinator, Gwen Pugh of Urban Studios has helped to complete the designs for the Senior Center.” 


Brad Roberts of the Metro LAX to Crenshaw outreach team presented the latest updates from the MTA build, taking place off Florence. “We have the La Brea overpass that’s currently under construction, we also have the 405 and La Cienega bridge that’s under construction. We have a few stations in Inglewood, we have the Fairview Heights station that’s located at Florence and West, we also have the Downtown Inglewood station, which is at La Brea and Florence, and we’ll have a station at Hindry and Florence as well.”


Chief Airport Planner at Los Angeles World Airports, Evelyn Quintanilla, revealed plans for a “…very exciting project similar to all the exciting things happening here in Inglewood.”  “It’s called the Landside Access Modernization Program, the name is pretty much what it is, we’re trying to modernize access to the airport. As you know, trying to get to the airport—it’s very congested a lot of times during peak time, it’s difficult to get in and out.  So this project is looking for ways to give folks a better option to get into the airport. It’s composed of 4 major elements, the train system that is gonna connect the new facilities we’re planning to build east of the airport. There’s 3 new facilities, a consolidated car rental facility, 2 intermodal transportation facilities, which are basically parking structures, and it’s going to consolidate a lot of the shuttle systems. We’re hoping to have the final phase complete by 2023, and the whole program complete by 2035.”


There is so much information that is distributed at our local town halls, so it’s important to attend and stay informed as our community is rapidly transforming. Dotson concluded the day by saying, “I hope this is information that you can and will use.  Contact me by email and we can place you on our list to receive our newsletter. Information and the sharing of information, is how we keep together as a people.”  



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