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Friday, October 23, 2015 Written by 
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In 1989, Marty McFly and his mad scientist companion Doc Brown travelled into the future to what has recently become the past, October 21st, 2015 in their DeLorean Motor Company time machine.


Just thinking of those matte grey DeLoreans takes me back to living in West Los Angeles and always wanting to sit inside my neighbor’s DeLorean thinking that there would be a clock on the dash that would project me from the present into some strange future reality.  


It’s a funny thing, the past. It’s a street. A street that Filmmaker Robert Zemeckis explored quite masterfully in his Pop Culture classic Back To The Future trilogy.


Fast forward back to today, October 22nd 2015, and I recall a more recent memory. Councilman Eloy Morales at the City of Inglewood’s Century Blvd. Groundbreaking Event told me, “To regular folks who may just be moving in, it’s a street, but the truth of the matter is, is that it’s a street that symbolizes where we are.”


Mayor Butts philosophically added, “… You look across the street at the race track, after 75 years, transitioning into something new, The Forum is the #1 entertainment venue in the greater Los Angeles area, Inglewood is on everybody’s lips, and today is the most visible demarcation of what will be known as the past, and what will become the future.”


A 2.5 year, $30+ million construction project that’s going to revitalize Inglewood’s major transit corridor will, “…start in two different places. It starts at Inglewood Ave and goes west all the way to La Cienega, and it starts at Doty and goes east to Van Ness. Inglewood Public Works Director Louis Atwell also noted, “Its going to be fantastic for the city. Its going to have new landscaping, recycled water in the landscaping, LED street lights, LED traffic signals, new pavement, new concrete, and storm water facilities to recharge the ground water basin, its going to be state of the art.”


Roads. The main component to get from one place to the next, in the case of Marty and Doc, it was the essential component to getting from one point in time, to the next point in time. But then again, is it just a road?


When you think about the opportunities that will arise and haven arisen from a project of this magnitude, you see that its true, the Century Blvd Mobility Improvement Project is going to benefit not just everyday folks who drive Century every day to get to and from work, but the economic opportunities that will spawn from the project in the form of new business, increase in business appeal, and local job creation, on top of the increase in community pride that will amount as its result in the next 30 months or so. Not to mention its going to “…be one of the main streets people will take to see the Rams,” hints Mayor Butts.


There’s been so much hoopla over the Spielberg backed Back To The Future franchise this year because of its close but no cigar predictions of the future. Its does however, have me curious to see if the Cubs will really win the World Series this year or not despite being down in the series.


And although it will be cool to witness a film accurately predict a future event 30 years in advance, the Cubs winning the world series is great for Chicago, but it still isn’t the Oscars at the Forum, and it isn’t a Super Bowl Parade Down a newly renovated Century Boulevard.


It’s a funny thing, the past. It’s a street. A roadway paved with the stories of the countless dreamers along the way, all carrying a fulfilling vision of what’s to come. In a sense, its even more than a street, it’s a road to the future, and each time we traverse along its path, we get closer to making our dreams come true.




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