Inglewood Youth Score Big with Stadium Deal

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Anything that benefits young people, especially young people of Inglewood,
I’m for. Tuesday’s council meeting, as we all now know, was a historic day
for our community, the people voted, and the city leaders did what they
were elected to do, and that’s make wise decisions for the city on behalf
of its residents.

The City of Champions Revitalization Initiative is for obvious reasons, an
extremely attractive initiative that brings the excitement of NFL football
and a host of other entertainment opportunities to our backyard. However,
with this much excitement it’s always good to read the fine print.

After attending the public forums held at Faithful Central Bible Church,
and listening to Gerard McCallum of Hollywood Park Tomorrow and Dr.
D’Artagnan Scorza of the Social Justice Learning Institute, I began to
learn that other than the fact that the city would have to expend no
public funds in order to build the stadium, there were a number of public
benefits directly focused on our future leaders of the city, which really
piqued my interests.

Section 16.14 of the initiative states that, “In addition, as part of the
annual compliance review for this Agreement, or more frequently as the
Parties may deem necessary, Landowner and City shall meet and confer to
review when and how Landowner has satisfied or intends to satisfy the
amount of Public Art Contribution obligations accrued to date in
accordance with the provisions of the Section 16.14 and the Specific Plan.
In addition an aggregate amount of Two Million and No/100 Dollars
($2,000,000) from the Public Art Contribution shall be dedicated to
commission, acquire, and/or display public art directly from local
Inglewood artists.”

We’ve seen with the 2014 IGAP Project, the direct impact such a project
has on the consciousness of the community, and the impact it has on young
people awarded the opportunity to study under professional artists
and assist in creating public art exhibits in the community they call
home. Huge win.

Another huge win for young people in the community is the beneficial
impact on jobs the initiative brings forth. The initiative is estimated to generateclose to 23,000 full- and part-time jobs during construction in the City of Inglewood. Once the project is completed, the stadium is projected to directly create approximately 10,465 full- andpart-time jobs associated with project operations within the City, and a total annual economic output of $911 million within the local economy.

Lastly, what I thought was a major bonus, being that our community is
predominately made of Latinos and African Americans, the initiative
local-hire requirements specifically stated in Section 16.2 mandates a 35%
local hire goal of post-construction jobs, local hire goals of at least
15% of the apprentice positions for the construction trades, requires the
landowner/project operator to identify and solicit qualified Inglewood
residents to fill senior management positions, and requires that all
construction contractors have a goal to achieve participation by
minority/disadvantaged business enterprises of 30% and not less than 18%.

This means that over 30,000 jobs will become available over the project’s development process and opportunities for young people to begin careers in construction will be realized by this project alone. Nice bonus.

Finally, I believe that Inglewood schools will benefit probably the most, as the initiative requires that the landowner make aggregate payments of $1,000,000 over 5 years to fund after-school programs for youth in Inglewood. Hello STEM, hello art, hello multimedia, hello computer programming curriculums!

The initiative would thus provide a net benefit to schools and educational programs within the City of Inglewood. It also requires that the landowner make the stadium available to the City and non-profits to host Community Events, such as high school football, soccer games, and graduations, providing an additional new recreation resource for the community.

I urge all young people who are currently looking for work to connect with the councilman in your district.  I urge parents to ensure that the types of after school programs you want your children to be part of are explained in detail to representatives of the school board.  Bring your requests before your elected officials and allow them to work on your behalf. They have proven time and time again, they have the wherewithal to get tasks accomplished, and as of Tuesday, make Inglewood history, do yourself and your children a favor, be part of it as well.





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