The Lost Generation?

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I recently discovered a young brother who claims to have the formula for success. His name is Jullien Gordon, graduate of both UCLA and Stanford with a Master’s Degree in Education, who currently speaks at colleges and universities around the country.  He talks to students who are still undecided in their majors, and are looking to find employment after graduation.


Jullien believes that the problem is that students often take the back seat in the vehicles of their own lives and allow society or parents to drive them where they want them to go. The problem with this is that it creates a workforce of uncommitted, unfocused, and ultimately unmotivated worker. Thus, young people of today have been labeled the “Lost Generation.”


Jullien makes another brilliant observation. And that is, students focusing on a revitalized 4.0 system. That 4-point system focuses on intellectual, personal, social, and financial capital. This system works, Jullien says, when students have the right combination of all 4 of these points.  Then financial opportunities present themselves.


He uses himself as an example. “Who knows that you know, what you know? The reason I’m able to get paid to speak all over the nation is because the right people at companies, colleges, and high schools know that I know a lot about helping this generation reach its full potential.”


Gordon says, this same system can be used when deciding which college to go to as well.


“I chose Stanford for its capital, and because I wanted to be more valuable once I graduated. At the end of the day, college is an expensive piece of paper that comes with a lot of debt and struggles no matter if it’s framed on your wall or in your closet. Is it important? Yes, but what’s more important is that you master yourself.”


I found his lectures refreshing, and relevant, in that he understands the young people of today. We aren’t attracted to tradition. What attracts us is freedom. His Ted Talks have landed him more lecturing and coaching work in the last couple years and he now calls himself, the “Innerviewer.”  More and more young people are becoming financially independent and doing what they love to do. Lost generation? I would say we are the “Found Generation.”






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