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Over the weekend, a collective of Inglewood residents and community leaders initiated a signature-gathering campaign for the City of Champions Revitalization Initiative at Faithful Central Bible Church.


The project will add a sports and entertainment zone to the Hollywood Park project that is currently under construction. The expansion project is expected to create thousands of local construction and permanent jobs, generate tens of millions of dollars in new city revenues, and stimulate substantial economic activity in the City of Inglewood.


The coalition titled, Citizens for Revitalizing the City of Champions, met to launch the signature-gathering effort and provided a breadth of information for residents of the community.


The event was led by Project Manager of Hollywood Park Land Company, Gerard McCallum, and the new spokesperson of Citizens for Revitalizing the City of Champions, and Executive Director of the Social Justice Learning Institute, D’Artagnan Scorza.


Among the event’s guest speakers were, Mayor James Butts, Marc Little, Erick Holly of the Inglewood/Airport Area Chamber of Commerce, Melvin Robert, Judy Castellano (A business owner for 23 years), and Ricardo Rosales of Midnight Mission.


“I am so proud of the Inglewood citizens involved in this committee.  They represent us as an articulate, diverse, intelligent and sophisticated community that is banding together to bring Inglewood to national status,” Mayor Butts said.


Councilman Eloy Morales said, “I am a native son of Inglewood and the longest serving member of the Inglewood City Council.  I have never been more proud than I am today to say, ‘I am from Inglewood.’  These residents are standing up so that Inglewood can stand tall and measure up to the premier cities in the United States.”


All-new renderings of the extended project were unveiled to the community with great response.


Signature gathering is off to a great start.  Nicholas Sabbagh of Elite Campaigns is among the workers scouting the city to collect signatures. "We need 10,000 signatures. We got 5,000 between last Thursday and Monday,” he said. 


For more information about the City of Champions Revitalization Initiative, visit www.championsinitiative.com.



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