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I’m back from my sister’s wedding in New Orleans.  While there, I took in as much of the city as possible during last-minute wedding preparations and the open house for out-of-town guests.  As I noticed various things, I thought, “What if we brought some of these things to Inglewood”?


The first thing I noticed in the French Quarter, the Marigny, and in several strictly residential neighborhoods, is that there is very little trash blowing around the streets and in yards.  There is resident pride in how neighborhoods look and in the look of New Orleans in general.  This is not something I see around Inglewood. 


How about we start a “DON’T TRASH INGLEWOOD” campaign?  Let’s not wait for city government to embrace it, let’s start it ourselves.  Look at your yard or at the front of your business and remove trash in the yard, on the sidewalk, and in the gutter on a regular basis.  Tell your neighbors and fellow merchants so they can do the same.  When you see trash on a sidewalk, pick it up and put it in the nearest trash can.


Next summer, we will be a “Host Town” for Special Olympics.  As a Host Town, I would expect some of the anticipated 500,000 spectators for the games will want to choose Inglewood for their lodgings.  We don’t have near enough hotel rooms to accommodate a great number of visitors, so perhaps we could think of renting out our houses or a room or two for those who prefer to be in a home instead of a hotel.  This would give visitors the opportunity to get to know Inglewood and our wonderful people in a way other visitors will not.  It will also allow us to keep revenues here.


How about a restaurant guide for ourselves and visitors?  We have some terrific food in town and we need to check it out.  This seems like a good project for the Chamber of Commerce – a good deed for the community.  Increase the Chamber's profile, and they may just get more members out of it.



Market Street, once revitalized, would be perfect for pedi-cabs for getting around.  Heck, this concept makes sense right now for getting to and from a Forum event while parking for a reasonable rate in our downtown structures.  Anyone looking to start a business?



Market Street is Inglewood’s historic business core going back to 1880s.  As such, there are several historic buildings on the street that should be preserved in the development that is about to take place.  There should be makers either on the buildings or in the sidewalk that note Inglewood’s history.  Cities that care about their heritage do this.



New Orleans has a large number of artists and so does Inglewood.  Our merchants should embrace our art colony and seek out their work.  Restaurants and jazz clubs all over the French Quarter and the Marigny hang the work of local artists and Inglewood merchants should do the same. 



I’m just thinking out loud here, but I’m not the only resident with ideas to help make Inglewood great.   Inglewood is moving and is on its way to becoming the town we know it should be.  If you have an idea or two, please share them with me or your Councilperson.






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