Outsider Randall Fleming Seeks to Destroy the City of Inglewood

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By Brooke Stanley


Little is known about the background and work experience of Randall Fleming, the Inglewood newcomer and outsider who claims he is the editor of the infrequently printed Morningside Park Chronicle. What is known is that his frequent lies, accusations and innuendos, directed against James Butts, the Mayor of the City of Inglewood, and Willie Brown, Publisher of Inglewood Today (who has been reporting the news in the city for over 20 years), city council members, and even private citizens, suggest he is interested in destroying the very fabric of Inglewood.  He wants to stop the positive momentum that has been underway since Mayor Butts was elected.


Fleming’s publication, which reportedly has no Inglewood business license and no physical address, does not publish on a regular basis. Possibly to avoid the standard business cost of preparing a regular news publication and paying for it to be printed and distributed, Fleming has taken to email and Internet messages to spew his lies throughout the community.


His most frequent target is Mayor Butts, where quite recently, he has accused the mayor of using city resources to support the Forum Development and the MTV Awards, paying private Inglewood residents to distribute news on behalf of the mayor and paying Brown as a political operative.



Mayor Butts and other productive members of the city council, have made numerous positive strides.  Their accomplishments are making the City of Inglewood a more desirable residential destination and center for economic development. From the Forum renovation to the continued development along Crenshaw Boulevard and the Hollywood Park mixed-use development which is now underway, to cite only a few examples, Inglewood is on the move!


Yet, Fleming continues to bash the mayor, members of the city council, and even private citizens who are not connected to any elected officials, except for their shared interest and desire for the success of Inglewood and its citizens.



An example of this is Randall’s assertions that Robert Cantin, who is a private Inglewood resident with over 20 years of community involvement in the city, and one who continues to serve as the block captain in one of many Inglewood’s block clubs, is a lackey who is paid by Mayor Butts to distribute emails to Inglewood residents that are favorable to the mayor’s initiatives and agenda.


“I have local emails from 20 years of personally asking locals for their addresses,” said Cantin. “The Morningside Chronicle wrote that I was being paid to forward the mayor’s emails to the community,” he continued. “If this is the case, I am owed 20 years of back pay.”


Fleming’s publication has also cast similar aspersions against Brown, falsely alleging that Brown is a paid political consultant for the mayor and that Inglewood Today is owned and controlled by Mayor Butts.



“I take great pride in the fact that Inglewood Today has been reporting the news in the City of Inglewood for over 20 years, long before Mayor Butts was elected,” said Brown. “Fleming’s utterly false accusations against me and others seem to fit a pattern he has launched since he mysteriously arrived in Inglewood a few years ago.”


Inglewood citizens have been asking who Randall Fleming really is. He arrived in the City of Inglewood, reportedly from either the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles or somewhere in Orange County. In the predominantly minority community of Inglewood, he has found some comfort in belittling the Inglewood mayor and other elected officials, religious leaders, community leaders and even private citizens. He has criticized the renovation of the Forum, the Hollywood Park redevelopment, Faithful Central Bible Church, the sound insulation program, Broadway Federal Savings and Loan and virtually every other effort the City has made to make Inglewood a safer community that allows all citizens to have their voices heard and one that is responsive to the needs of the constituents. One must begin to question Fleming’s judgment when you look at the losing track record of his recent meal tickets, Simona Farrise, Mike Stevens, and Judy Dunlap to name a few.



Fleming must think it is acceptable to assert himself in an effort to re-define himself, and perhaps overcome the missteps he may have made in his past, whatever those missteps may have been or whatever his motives are. What he will eventually discover is that the citizens of Inglewood will not tolerate his continued lies and aspersions against the functional group of individuals who are leading Inglewood to a more productive future.



It would be advisable for Fleming to direct his extreme aversion and hostility to his former friends and associates who reportedly stated that Fleming, is a “drunken bastard and crackhead.”




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