Election, Shooting Investigation Focus of Council Meeting

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By Veronica Mackey


The Inglewood City Council took action on Tuesday to approve the following items:

•A one-year agreement with Ellison Wilson Advocacy, LLC to provide legislative advocacy services for the City


•An updated cost allocation plan for federal programs for the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year


•A cooperative purchase agreement (piggyback) with the County of Riverside. The agreement will renew the purchase of Microsoft’s SoftwareOne for 4 years  


•Authorization of Mayor James Butts to sign a Facilities Use Agreement for use of the running track located on St. Mary’s Academy property for the City’s Youth Track and Field Program 


•A bid award to Hardy & Harper, Inc. (the lowest responsive bidder) in the amount of $2,846,250 for the Streets and Alleys Rehabilitation Project


•An agreement for seismic analysis of Civic Center buildings 


•A Temporary Construction, Sewer Main and Water Main Easement Agreement with Hollywood Park Residential Investors, LLC 


In regard to the easement agreement, resident Ray Davis said, “In the not too distant future, we’re going to have 85 to 90 thousand people crammed in here, and somebody’s going to have to ‘go.’  In Oakland one of the reasons the Raiders are moving is because they lost control of their sewage.”


Supporters of Keisha Michael and Marquintan Sandlin, slain by Inglewood police a year ago,  showed up again, demanding details of two investigations be released to the public. 


“We are consistently asking on behalf of Keisha and Marquintan’s family that the information be made public,” a woman said.


“It won’t be made public until the investigation is over,” Butts said.


“You better start saving your pennies then because I’m sure there will be litigation,” the woman answered. 


“I’ve heard there has been a lot of money coming here,” a man said. “I just have a question:  How much does justice cost?  We have asked for release of all video footage. No more buts.” 


A young lady with a two year-old son said she wants to become a police officer, and talked about the dangers police face:  “They have to deal with criminals all day and getting shot at … and they want to come home to their families.  Have y’all thought about that?”


A woman in District 2 passed a flyer to Councilman Alex Padilla (through the sergeant-at-arms) about a meeting on April 17 with the ACLU regarding law enforcement policies and immigration. She also requested that the City host a public forum where Inglewood police can explain immigration policies. 


A cannabis advocate argued in favor of using the herb for medicinal purposes.  “One hundred million people in this country suffer from chronic pain,” he said.  “There are people with arthritis and neuropathy.  It’s even life threatening for some.  If you want to know more about medical cannabis and you have pain, I have information.  Cannabis is not a bad thing, it’s just what we think about it that’s bad.”  


An unhappy renter got the ear of the council when she complained that requests to satisfy issues in her apartment have gone unanswered by a City employee.  “I have been dealing with code enforcement since February 21. (He) has not been sufficient in answering my response.  The City cited insufficiencies in my apartment, but failed to cite the landlord.”  Mayor Butts asked City Manager Artie Fields to personally handle the matter.


Long time resident Bill Weidner is unhappy about the City’s new website. “If you’re looking for something you can’t even find it on there, so maybe you can get someone to work on it,” he said.


Well wishers Mike Benbow and Curtis Mitchell congratulated Councilmen George Dotson and Alex Padilla (who ran unopposed) on their re-elections.  “Team work makes our dream work,” Mitchell said. 


“This city has come to where no one ever thought it would come.  It starts with the mayor, to the city council, to the city manager, to the employees of this city. I’m proud to serve with them for 4 more years,” Dotson said.


Padilla thanked everyone who came out to vote, as well as the city clerk.  “It’s a lot of work but you always come through and get the job done,” he told City Clerk Yvonne Horton.  


Councilman Ralph Franklin also congratulated his colleagues, and reminded everyone of the  Earth Day Jazz Festival, happening this Saturday, April15 from10-5.  He urged folks to come out and enjoy the festivities.


Councilman Eloy Morales talked about how smoothly the election went last week.  


Mayor Butts closed the meeting by reiterating that the City cannot comment on the status of the Michael-Sandlin shooting while the investigation is ongoing.  “As I explained before, there is a due process.  At the time that we can give information as to the status of the officers, we’ll do that.  Reporting can never happen while it’s (case)  under investigation, neither under the D.A.’s office nor through civil litigation, and I think everyone knows that.  I just want to make that clear because there seems to be some confusion.” 


He called the Inglewood Police Department “magnificent.”


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