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Champions of All

Written by Thursday, March 05, 2015
Since the City of Champions Revitalization Project got underway, sports fans have been talking incessantly about bringing the city back as a sports center. But there are other aspects to being a championship city that are just as important as building a state-of-the-art stadium. Lakers coach, former player and hometown hero Byron Scott said something that really hit home with me: “For those of us from Inglewood, we know that this city is filled with champions. Among them are top-rate businesses which are an integral part of this vibrant community.” While sports fans anticipate an NFL team coming to Inglewood…

Build a City, a Stadium will Come

Written by Thursday, February 26, 2015
We’re all familiar with the statement, “Build it and they will come.” But at the Inglewood Council meeting Tuesday night, they came before a single shovel went into the ground. Football fans are hungry, and Inglewood is the place to play ball. As you have no doubt heard, and as major news outlets cannot stop reporting, history was made when Mayor James Butts and the Inglewood Council signed off on an ordinance to adopt the City of Champions Revitalization Initiative without alteration. The ordinance to add the stadium to the already-in-progress Hollywood Park Tomorrow project is a clear “go.” If…

Inglewood at the Center of Stadium Competition

Written by Thursday, February 19, 2015
With so much focus on the St. Louis Rams, the San Diego Chargers have been flying under the media radar…until now. Although Rams owner Stan Kroenke has purchased the land that will eventually house a stadium, San Diego is saying, don’t count them out. Seems like Inglewood is the hottest spot in town for future professional football. And with the Rams, San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders near the end of their stadium leases, relocation to the Los Angeles market is looking pretty good. While there has been plenty of talk about new stadiums in St. Louis, in San Diego…

Black History Has a Legacy of Strength

Written by Thursday, February 12, 2015
February 11th marked the 25th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison in South Africa. Imprisoned 27 years for speaking out against his country’s minority white rule, he was the “Dr. Martin Luther King” of his day. And like Dr. King, Mandela, a former lawyer, refused to allow injustice to dampen his spirit. Finally released at age 73, he was just getting started, more determined than ever to change the culture that had imprisoned him. Mandela would go on to become South Africa’s first black president 4 years later. To separate African American history from African history would be nearly…

Value the Place You Call Home

Written by Thursday, February 05, 2015
If you were given a gift that could change your fortune, create opportunity, and improve your quality of life, would you toss it in the trash? If this question sounds silly, then I would have to ask why a handful of residents continue to do this with their words week after week. I am talking about a small group of haters who, for whatever reason—feel obligated to denigrate all the progress the city is experiencing now and about to experience. Inglewood has been given a precious gift of a second chance. It is being rebirthed as a future destination city…

Inglewood’s Success is Real and Happening Now

Written by Thursday, January 29, 2015
There is nothing like the possibility of an 80,000-seat sports stadium and entertainment center to get folks excited about their home town. The proposed City of Champions Initiative—which would expand Hollywood Park Tomorrow—has already gathered more than enough signatures to put it on the ballot. And the signature drive has barely started. In just 3 weeks, Inglewood has secured 22,000 names, and the verification process has already begun. What would normally take 180 days, was completed in about one-tenth of the time! The excitement at Tuesday night’s council meeting was palpable. You could see it on the faces of people…
Last week, Inglewood Today presented the 2014 Inglewood Year in Review. The article and video on the City website ( captured Inglewood’s amazing comeback as the “City of Champions” and the new title, “City of Entertainment.” With billions of dollars being invested here, rising home values, and thousands of jobs being created, Inglewood is living proof that real change is possible regardless of economic challenges. It is also a reflection of the leadership. While the re-opened Forum stands as an icon for progress, it is behind-the-scenes decision-making that creates these milestones. It is the day in, day out coming together…

It Keeps Getting Better

Written by Thursday, January 08, 2015
If you are reading the print edition of Inglewood Today, then you have noticed something unusual. The entire cover is devoted toward news about the City of Champions Revitalization Project. It is just that important! Last week, we focused on the successful impact that the renovated Forum has had on Inglewood. Within just one year’s span of time, Inglewood has out-booked Staples Center and the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine. Yes, the Forum, buoyed by a $100 million investment by Madison Square Garden and world class entertainment, is truly “fabulous” again. Just one week later, Inglewood has been named the …

Let’s Build on Our Momentum in 2015

Written by Thursday, January 01, 2015
Now that the new year is here, it’s time to renew our faith about what is possible. Yesterday’s troubles can weigh us down until we feel like things won’t ever get better. But we must remember that there is a silver lining in every cloud. Even the challenges of 2014 can bring good things if looked at from the right view point. Right now racial tension and conflict between black people and police is at its height. Hardly a day goes by when we do not hear about yet another shooting by police. And now, with the recent deaths of…

Be Thankful for Christmas and the New Year

Written by Wednesday, December 24, 2014
Against the backdrop of political and social unrest and economic injustice, one could conclude that world events (mostly negative) would overshadow Christmas. But if you will fully embrace the Christmas-New Year’s holidays, you will gain a positive perspective. While the violence we have seen this year both within the U.S. and overseas makes us feel enraged and a little uncertain, it also reminds us of how much there is to be thankful for. Being with friends and family, and enjoying the light of Christmas will eclipse what we have witnessed in Ferguson New York, and overseas in Syria—even if temporarily.…
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