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A news headline on Wednesday read, “House votes to sue Obama in unprecedented legal challenge.”  I guess we should have seen this one coming. 


This congress has done virtually everything under the sun, it seems, to come against the president.  They challenged the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act or Obamacare in court and lost.  So now they are zeroing in on a provision of bill that they say Obama has failed to enforce.  Specifically they point to the provision that would penalize businesses that do not offer basic health insurance to their employees.


This lawsuit is frivolous and it wreaks of hypocrisy.  It comes from members of the Congress that are stuck on seeing him (and us) fail.  If you remember, Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that seeing President Obama fail was the number one agenda item for his party. What a screwed-up priority!  


Put the president’s record against the GOP’s for the last 6 years, and there is literally no contest.  The president has been working hard to put this country back together, and the GOP has been working to undo everything he has done.  


If anyone should be sued, I think it should be GOP members of the House.  Let’s sue them for failing to do what they were elected to do—pass laws to better this country.  Their continuous bickering, filibusters and gridlock is, in my opinion, a form of treason.  Because our government was established “for the people and by the people,” refusing to pass laws that the people want is willful obstruction of justice.  I am sure there is a law against this.


I stopped counting when Congress’ approval rating fell to 29%, but the fact is, if our approval ratings were that low, none of us would have jobs for very long.  No one should be allowed to be highly paid not to do their job.  Regardless of how many times the GOP fails to vote or come up with solutions, they continue to get paid.  


The GOP wants to have it both ways.  They want to condemn the president for not working with them.  When he tries to work with them, they refuse to let him in.  It’s a miracle Obama has been able to get anything done.  And it is why he has chosen to bypass Congressional votes and instead use executive order.


This latest tactic is just another shell game designed to distract people from the real issues.  With wars and the threat of war escalating every day, out of control gun use, crumbling infrastructure and a serious immigration crisis, all they want to focus in on is a part of the health care bill that the Supreme Court already declared as constitutional?  Really?


Like Democratic National Committee Chair, Debbie Wasserman said, “It's a waste of taxpayer dollars, driven purely by partisanship. It's what happens when you have a political party more interested in smearing the President's name than doing their own jobs to move the country forward…The next time you need a reminder that elections matter, think about today.” 


Last week, Inglewood Today ran a story about low voter turnout, especially during midterm elections.  When House Majority Leader, Republican Eric Cantor lost his powerful seat in the recent primary, a window of opportunity opened for Democrats to regain the House.  We can do this!



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