Life in L.A. Contradicts Trump’s View of America

Thursday, August 04, 2016 Written by 
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By: Willie Brown


To have Trump tell it, we’re all headed for certain death and destruction.  His over-the-top rhetoric, steeped in exaggeration and lies, paints a very dismal picture of America—one that “he alone can solve.” But, of course, this must be his scenario.  Otherwise, his followers might actually try to make life better for themselves.  They might find they really don’t need the savior Trump is claiming to be


Conor Friedersdorf’s piece in the Los Angeles Times:  “To live in L.A. is to know Trump is wrong: America is not in decline” was spot on in its analysis of Trump’s need to keep fear alive.  But, it’s not working for us in Los Angeles.  


Truth is despite the problems of living in L.A., life here is relatively good and getting better.  To fully appreciate where we are, of course, one would have to see where we’ve been.  In Friedersdorf’s op-ed, the writer recalls the chaotic events in L.A. during  the early 90s—primarily the Rodney King verdict and 1992 Civil Unrest.  Blacks, whites, Latinos and Koreans were at odds with each other and no one was trying to come together.  


This occurred when a Republican, George H. W. Bush, was in office.  Yet, it is typical of the GOP to play the fear card and offer their party as the one to keep America safe.  


Donald Trump is wrong and here’s why he won’t win here:  California, and Los Angeles in particular, has found a way to fix some of its issues.  Despite problems between the black community and police, race relations are much improved over what they were 20 or more years ago.  Homicides have dropped significantly in the state.


The economy has definitely improved.  Malls are starting to fill up again and you can barely go to a nice restaurant now without a reservation.   More people are getting jobs.


While a big city like L.A. is always subject to terrorist attacks, our law enforcement has done a remarkable job staying on top of possible threats.  And I don’t care what Trump says, no one can keep America 100 percent safe all the time.  By the way, keeping Muslims out of America makes it less safe for those of us who are here. We need peaceful Muslims on our side to help fight this battle.


So no, Donald Trump, you might get applause from your fear-driven supporters, but those of us in Southern California know your doom-and-gloom predictions won’t fly.  


All we need now is to elect someone who will continue the upward progress that began with President Obama 8 years ago.  He dared to project a message of hope when America really was in decline.  It was hope that brought us back from the brink of the financial crisis—not hopelessness.  America is still great, and so is L.A.  Believe it.  








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