Will You Be Next to Make History?

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Last night Hillary Clinton made history as the first woman named the presumptive presidential nominee for a major-party.  Closer to home, a local hero, Willie Agee was honored by having the new playhouse at Edward Vincent Jr. Park named after him.  About two weeks ago, Inglewood was named as the site for the 2021 Super Bowl—another first.


Because recognition comes in many different forms and levels, most of us don’t think of ourselves as history makers.  But, really we are all change agents in some way.  It’s just a matter of doing something new, being the first to do it, or doing it in a different way or place.


The spotlight is clearly shining brightly on Inglewood.  It seems our city is always in the news now for one reason or another.  From the moment the Fabulous Forum reopened in 2014 to now, the media has been having a field day.  The city has received coverage from all over the country for hosting the Jamaican Special Olympics delegation, ushering the Rams back to Southern California after a nearly 2 decades absence, and maintaining the lowest homicide rate since the police department began keeping records.  News camera crews are becoming common now in Inglewood.


History is happening every day, and it can happen to any one of us at any time.  So my question to you is, what will your history be?  Your legacy doesn’t have to make you famous. You could be the one person on your block to bring in your neighbor’s trash cans, the one who takes initiative to clean up your community when others are just complaining.


Will you be the one to mentor fatherless boys or motherless girls?  What are the needs in your local school or church?  


I recently saw a news story about a young black girl who wanted to read more books about girls who looked like her.  She started a book drive, and before she knew it, had collected over 1,300 books!  Now she spends time reading the books to children of all races because she wants them to know and appreciate black girls.  She is looking to do something similar with Asian and Latino children.  She made history by making it possible for others to learn about their history.


As Inglewood continues to turn the corner and grow into one of the nation’s most prominent cities, we can all share in a proud history.   However, it begins with each individual.  What would you like to see happen in the next 5 to 10 years?  You can get the ball rolling right now.  Make a call, do your research, or write a letter.  Just start where you are.  You never know where your actions will lead.


As the city’s official newspaper, Inglewood Today is committed to shining a light on positive achievements of our residents—not just those who are famous, but those who are willing to take action.


Seeing Inglewood “sprout its wings” is amazing to watch. We look forward to seeing what will happen next.  Will you be among the next wave of history makers?


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