Is the Morningside Park Chronicle for Sale?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 Written by 
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By Willie Brown


As far as I know, the newspaper is not being sold, unless you count the thousands of dollars allegedly funneled through the Simona Farisse campaign to help buy the 62nd Assembly District seat.


According to, Randall and Teka-Lark Fleming, editor and publisher of the Morningside Park Chronicle, have all but abandoned their one-time supporter, former District One Inglewood Council member Mike Stevens (also running for the 62nd Assembly seat) to follow the money.  

Remember, MPC is the same publication that Stevens and former Councilmember Judy Dunlap used to write for.  As sitting council members, this was clearly a conflict of interest during their re-election campaigns.

“A review of Stevens’ campaign finance reports showed he pumped thousands of dollars into the MPC, in his attempts to be re-elected. He would lose his seat to George Dotson in a runoff,” the website says.  Now that Stevens has little money, the Flemings have jumped ship.  Not a single word of support, not even a mention.

Where’s the love?

The 2urbangirls site goes on to say, “Simona Farrise, a relative newbie to the district, having just moved in, has apparently contributed substantial support to the MPC where they not only "endorsed" her campaign, they were also found to be hanging campaign signs around the Inglewood community. Is that even legal?”

Randall has been spotted putting campaign signs in the back of his car. The man has no shame.  What is really going on?  Is he a newspaper man, or a campaign aide?  Is this ‘payola’ at work?

Teka writes on her blog (, “If you are a true progressive and a true Democrat, there is no one even close to her (Farisse) in ideas, competence, background and vision.”

Then, why did Farisse contribute to the campaign of ultra conservative U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham?  Graham has voted against unemployment benefits and affirmative action—policies which clearly support the needs of Inglewood residents. 

Teka also says she judges people by the company they keep.  Well, how’s this for company?  The San Francisco Chronicle reports that “Farisse, a personal injury attorney, was reportedly arrested in connection with a 26-count felony real estate fraud scheme in the East Bay area of Northern California.”  Records also revealed Farrise goes by the aliases of Simona Hunt, Simona A. Farris, and Simona Morgan, and has been listed in documents on over a dozen real estate transactions throughout California over the last decade, involving over $15 million.”  

Teka Fleming is right about one thing—we are known by the company we keep.  Apparently, the Morningside Chronicle can be brought for around $3,000—a drop in the bucket compared to Simona’s wealth.  She reportedly paid cash her $1.3 million home, purchased in just enough time to qualify for residency in the 62nd District. Just thought you’d like to know.    


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