Future of Inglewood Secured by Election

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Four more years was the cry of Inglewood voters on Tuesday night. And once again, residents have decided Mayor James Butts is the leader that they want to remain in office. 


Residents also voted for West Basin Board Member Gloria Gray, Assemblymember-Elect Autumn Burke, Congresswoman. Maxine Waters, and BOE Chari Jerome Horton.  All of the top-level state races went to incumbents, from Gov. Jerry Brown to Attorney General Kamala Harris.   Congratulations to all, and thanks to everyone who voted.


Now that the people have spoken, I would like to challenge you to keep the momentum going.  I want to remind you that it takes more than a mayor, council members and other elected officials to run a city.  It takes everyone who live and works here to make life better.


If you have been reluctant to reach out to your elected officials, now is the time to change.  As we have just witnessed, democracy works and leaders are elected by the people.  Residents decide who will occupy City Hall, so you should make your voice heard.


Since Mayor Butts was elected in 2011, and Councilmembers George Dotson and Alex Padilla came on board in 2013, council meetings have become more resident-friendly.  I have seen more young people come up to the podium than ever before—even kids as young as 8 or 9 years old. 


This tells me that they are comfortable enough to speak their mind and the council chambers offers an atmosphere where they feel welcome. 


I believe Inglewood is at a turning point right now, a crossroad of opportunity.  There has never been a better time to jump right in and get involved with your local government.  There are tons of opportunities for you to volunteer at our schools, support sports activities, help seniors, or even consider opening a business.


When residents become active in their community, everyone benefits.  So don’t hold back.  Inglewood is quickly becoming a destination city.  It is on its way to becoming a global city. The stage is being set for thousands of new jobs, new housing, street improvements, and millions in tax revenue which will translate into an increase in city services. 


Too often, citizens become apathetic about government until something happens that they don’t agree with.  Then they want to protest at City Hall.  This is your right, but wouldn’t it be better to try and fix the problems while they are relatively small?  Wouldn’t it be better to connect with your neighbors or community leaders and work on solutions instead of attacking people?


Change isn’t easy.  It may require stopping, backing up, turning around and going in a new direction.  Mayor Butts has got the ball rolling, and Inglewood is definitely moving in a forward direction.  So let’s do our part to keep up the momentum. Let’s keep going. 


You can get involved by attending city council and town hall meetings, volunteering, joining your block club—whatever you feel led to do.   If you need ideas, visit the city website at www.cityofinglewood.org and find out where you fit in.  If you feel inspired to comment on what is going on, we at Inglewood Today (www.inglewoodtoday) welcome your articles and news tips.  Send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




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