The Price of a New City

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Hold on Inglewood, things are about to get a little crazy.  With everything starting up, seemingly at the same time, nerves may become rattled.  But it will all be fine in the end.


With the re-opened Fabulous Forum past the six-month mark, earning revenue for the City, and fast becoming a mecca for world-class entertainment (again!), there are new developments to keep our eyes on.


Century Blvd., long in need of repaving, is on its way to being fixed, although it may not look that way at first.  Streets are being torn up at Century Blvd. and Prairie Ave,, eastward to install a new water and sewer system, and new gas lines to make way for the massive Hollywood Park project.  This is the future site of new upscale housing, a new hotel, retail centers and other amenities, so traffic disruption is essential.


As soon the commotion dies down from installing underground water, sewer and gas lines (hopefully by Thanksgiving) on Century, Market Street development will take center stage.  A contractor will be selected to renovate the area early next year. 


The Market Street project, projected to become a mixed-use project of shops with upstairs residential space, will make way for yet another project—the light rail train which will come through Inglewood to and from LAX.


Get ready for more traffic with the building of the train tracks and the two stations slated to be built in Inglewood.  That project is expected to be complete in 2019.


Bottom line—there are going to be traffic disruptions and noise while this City becomes transformed.  There is just no way of getting around that.  Just remember, no pain, no gain.  New construction, new projects, and new infrastructure means millions of dollars in tax revenues, more jobs, more business opportunities, and more city services.  This adds up to an overall better quality of life for everyone.


Life is changing for people who live and work in Inglewood.  There will be more noise and more traffic detours. But as the dust begins to settle, we will be able to see how much better things are.  The streets will be smoother, the train will provide another transportation option for commuters, there will be more things to do and places to visit, and more people spending their money here. 


It’s not a bad scenario when you compare the temporary inconvenience to the big payoff.

As nerve wrecking as it may be from time to time, things will be much better in the end.  So just plan on being flexible, change your route to work, buy some ear plugs, do what you have to do.  There is an end date to this city wide renovation, and it will mark the beginning of the new Inglewood.

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