Clarence “Uncle” Thomas More Racist Than Trump

Clarence “Uncle” Thomas More Racist Than Trump

While folks are up in arms over Donald Trump’s racist views, most recently witnessed by violent protests in New Mexico, racism is not… Read more

Keeping It Real Estate Q & A

Keeping It Real Estate Q & A

Q. Hey Odest, with all the growth in the city of Inglewood and the expansion of the rail, I was wondering if you… Read more

Another Touchdown for Inglewood!

Another Touchdown for Inglewood!

Inglewood experienced another milestone moment on Tuesday, when the National Football League (NFL) announced the city was selected to host Super Bowl LV… Read more

Roderick Wright Loses Appeal

Roderick Wright Loses Appeal

Former state Sen. Roderick Wright, whose 25th District represented Inglewood, lost his appeal on Tuesday to overturn his 2014 fraud convictions. The 2nd… Read more

L.A. County High School Students Invited to Speak Out About Gun Violence

The Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles is joining the Violence Policy Center in Washington, D.C. to announce a video contest open to

Leveling the Playing Field: A response to the Los Angeles Times

It is an exciting time in Inglewood and I am thrilled about the potential and much needed investment the new stadium will bring to our community.  Wh

Matthews Named New IUSD Administrator

The Inglewood Unified School District has found a new state administrator.  Supt. of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson announced last week that San Jo

Candidates Inch Closer to White House Dreams Will It Be President Trump or President Clinton (Again)?

The road to the White House narrowed Tuesday night with Donald Trump being called the “presumptive GOP nominee” by Republican National Committee C

Clinton, Trump Take New York

There were no real surprises in Tuesday’s presidential primary in New York.  As predicted, Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary and Donald Tr

Underdogs Win in Wisconsin

Underdog candidates Ted Cruz ( R) and Bernie Sanders (D) emerged as winners in Tuesday’s Wisconsin presidential primaries.  Cruz beat Republican fr

Prince: Inglewood’s Own for 21 Days

It’s always hard saying goodbye to iconic figures like Prince Rogers Nelson.  We feel we know them, even if we don’t, and want to claim a piece o

The Amazing Kobe Bryant: What Will He Do Next?

“Kobe Bean Bryant is an American retired professional basketball player.”  So reads the first line of Wikipedia.  Being retired hasn’t sunk in

Black Stars Who Attended the Oscars Speak Out

With no person of color receiving acting nominations, the 88th Annual Academy Awards show was noticeably lacking a few of its brightest stars. Many ch

Inglewood Students Play With The Pros

As Inglewood anxiously awaits the Rams’ arrival at the soon to be state-of-the-art stadium in 2019, the team has already started to reach out to you

Century Blvd Project Creates ‘Potholes’ for Homeowners

There was standing room only at Tuesday’s meeting, as folks came out to talk about the future of Century Boulevard.  It has been a rough ride along

Steve Bradford. Citizen Activist

If you have lived or worked in Inglewood for awhile, you have probably seen or met Steve Bradford, the former State Assemblymember who served the 51st

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